U.S. court grants extradition of notorious B.C. fugitive Brandon Teixeira

Notorious B.C. fugitive Brandon Teixeira ordered extradited from California
WATCH: Notorious B.C. fugitive Brandon Teixeira ordered extradited from California

Court documents reveal new details about the brutal crimes one of B.C.’s most notorious fugitives is accused of committing.

It comes as a U.S. judge certified the extradition of Brandon Teixeira on Thursday in a Sacramento, Calif. court room.

Teixeira did not contest his extradition, but the U.S. State Department must still sign off on the process, an action that could take up to two months.

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Teixeira is facing charges of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Nicholas Khabra in Surrey in 2017, and attempted murder charges related to a double stabbing in Maple Ridge in 2015.

Global News has previously revealed details of the Crown’s case in the alleged murder, which include the accusation that Teixeira was motivated by revenge and a $160,000 bounty.

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Now, new extradition documents including a detailed affidavit by the RCMP case manager handling Teixeria’s file have provided graphic details about the other crimes he’s accused of, and hint at why police have described him as “extremely dangerous.”

Stabbing at Haney Bar in Maple Ridge

The first instance involves a double stabbing that police allege caused one victim to lose 80 per cent of his blood.

It happened on Aug. 23, 2015 outside the Haney Bar in on Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge.

Citing CCTV footage and witness testimony, police allege Teixeira had met the two victims, identified as PD and CW, in order to sell them and two women cocaine.

According to police, Teixeira pursued the victims after the bar closed, with the intent of taking one of the women home.

B.C. murder suspect used name of unsolved murder victim as alias
B.C. murder suspect used name of unsolved murder victim as alias

When she refused, police say Teixeira slammed a taxi door on PD’s foot, precipitating a fight in the street.

In the ensuing brawl, police allege Teixiera stabbed both CW and PD in the neck.

Despite their stab wounds, police say the two men pursued Teixeira, at which point someone else in a Ford F150 accelerated out of the parking lot and hit CW.

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Teixeira fled with the truck driver, police say.

According to separate B.C. court documents, Teixeira’s alleged associate Ricky Korasak is accused of assisting Teixeira in Maple Ridge on the same date as the alleged attack.

After the brawl, PD lost so much blood that he flatlined twice on the way to the hospital and required multiple blood transfusions, according to the documents.

He was on life support for two weeks, suffered organ failure, a broken ankle and needed to have a section of his intestines removed.

Teixeira is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault in the stabbings.

Stabbing at the Tap House in Surrey

In the second instance, police allege Teixeira stabbed the bouncer at Surrey’s Tap House bar six times on June 26, 2016.

Police allege Teixeira arrived at the bar apparently high on cocaine, but was denied entry because his clothes didn’t meet the dress code.

After allegedly trying to sneak into the bar through the smoking area and being denied, police allege Teixeira told another staff member “your doorman … tell him he’s dead, tell him Tony or Colby [both alleged aliases of Teixeira] is going to get him,” and yelled “I’ll come and find you” and “you don’t know who I am,” before leaving the scene.
RCMP say a staff member was stabbed outside a Surrey bar early Sunday.
RCMP say a staff member was stabbed outside a Surrey bar early Sunday. Shane MacKichan

Police allege he returned in a white Mercedes SUV about 30 minutes later and ran straight at the bouncer, stabbing him six times in the head, neck, shoulders and wrist before fleeing the scene.

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Teixeira is facing charges of aggravated assault, use of a weapon and uttering threats in the case.

Inside the arrest of Brandon Teixeira
Inside the arrest of Brandon Teixeira

Teixeira was captured near Oroville, Calif. back in December 2019 following a 15-month manhunt, in a raid that included multiple police departments and several SWAT teams.

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Police allege Teixeira tried to flee the scene, prompting police to ram SUV with two armoured vehicles.

Police seized more than 11 kilograms of heroin, more than 1,000 OxyContin and Percocet pills and about 18 kilograms of marijuana at the scene, according to the Butte County Sheriff’s Office.