Regina releases plan to redevelop Orr Centre property

The City of Regina has released a proposal to redevelop the Orr Centre property. Derek Putz / Global News

The City of Regina has released a proposal to redevelop the Orr Centre property, prompting concerns from some area residents about the traffic that could ensue.

A schematic drawing of 4400 Fourth Avenue includes restaurants, stores – potentially a grocery store, a gas station, a car wash, office space, an educational institution and parking spaces.

The Rosemont Mount Royal Community Association was provided with the plan last week. Alex Tkach, the organization’s vice chair, quickly shared it to a local Facebook group, where it has racked up more than 150 comments. Many relate to concerns about congestion on local streets.

“That is already an issue and if there’s not adequate parking, that’s just going to spill out back onto the streets again and we’re going to have even worse of an issue than already exists today,” Tkach said, noting that is a concern he has been seeing and hearing a lot since posting the document.

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A schematic drawing of the proposed redevelopment of the Orr Centre site. City of Regina

Rosemont resident Heather Lutes echoes his worry, noting Connaught Street, which allows parking in both directions, is narrow.

“The congestion already on Connaught Street is crazy. And trying to get on Fourth Avenue is nuts. So, some different ideas on how to get into the new property is something I’d like to see,” Lutes said.

But she is encouraged to see progress regarding the site, on which the partial demolition of the main building began last year.

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“I’m really excited to see some progress in the area. It is so nice to see it. And of course we always have the benefits and the downside of having this kind of stuff, but as a whole I’d say even, we’d like to see something being built there that is going to help the community as a whole,” Lutes said.

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Tkach said bringing in new amenities is important to the community.

“We just want to make sure again its stuff that’s actually going to help the community out. There’s talks of a grocery store. We have a No Frills right down the block. So we want to make sure whatever’s going in there is going to complement the area, the existing businesses that are already there,” Tkach said.

The city is holding an open house from 5-8 p.m. March 3 at St. James The Apostle Anglican Church to provide people with an opportunity to learn more and ask questions. Residents have until March 10 to submit feedback.

The project is currently being reviewed by city staff. To proceed would require a zoning bylaw amendment approved by council.

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