Regina travellers returning from China self-isolating as coronavirus precaution

Travellers returning to Regina from China are self-isolating as precaution against the coronavirus.
Travellers returning to Regina from China are self-isolating as precaution against the coronavirus. Mark Schiefelbein / The Canadian Press

A group of volunteers called “Hand-in-Hand” is helping returning travellers in the Regina Chinese community self-isolate.

The group says it is presently supporting over 10 families who have just returned from China, providing them with supplies and groceries.

The returning families didn’t have to come from Hubei province, where the coronavirus originated.

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“When they prepare to board their flight to Regina, they send a message to our group with the exact date when they will arrive so we can prepare everything for them,” said Danyi Li, co-founder of the “Hand-in-Hand” volunteer group.

Li said the voluntary quarantine lasts 14 days.

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“We suggest them to have a two-week isolation in order to detect any risk of the infection,” Li said.

Li said even though the isolation period is hard, the families remain positive and enthusiastic about taking these precautions.

“We help our people to reduce any risk to protect our community, and everybody is working hard to make sure our community is safe here,” Li said.

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Another volunteer, Shan Lu, said the Chinese community is been mocked because of the coronavirus.

Lu said they have received messages and jokes online and also gotten reactions for wearing face masks.

“When they see people wearing masks they are sometimes overreacting, they are jumping away from the people wearing masks. I think it’s very unnecessary,” Lu said.

According to Lu, wearing masks in Asian countries such as China and Japan are quite common especially among the young generation; “a kind of fashion or pop culture.”

Lu adds that wearing a mask is also a symbol of responsibility because it helps to reduce the spread of diseases including the flu.

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“If you see someone wearing mask, after keeping your safe distance, you should give them a thumbs up or smile,” Lu said.

The Hand-in-Hand group already has over 200 volunteers and is encouraging members of the community to work with them to lower the risk of coronavirus.

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