‘You’re an animal’: Video shows police frustration with Vancouver killer during interrogation

First look at interrogation video of accused killer
WATCH: First look at interrogation video of accused killer

WARNING: This story contains graphic details and is not suitable for all readers

For the first time, the public is getting a look at video of the interrogation of Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam, the man who admitted to the gruesome slaying of a Marpole couple in 2017.

Kam has described the killings in detail on the stand, but has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.

Richard Jones, 68, and his wife Dianna Mah-Jones, 64, were found brutally stabbed and slashed in their home near West 64th Avenue and Hudson Street on Sept. 27, 2017.

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The video, which shows police questioning Kam about six weeks after the killings, was played in court last week as a part of a “voir dire,” a mini-hearing within the trial to decide whether it should be accepted as evidence.

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The judge accepted the video as evidence, and a final portion of it was played on Monday.

In the video, Kam doesn’t break during eight hours of questioning. At points his interrogator, Vancouver police Sgt. Leah Terpsma, becomes visibly frustrated.

Court in Rocky Rambo trial watches interrogation video
Court in Rocky Rambo trial watches interrogation video

“What do you want to say about this Rocky?” Terpsma asks at one point.

“You know Rocky, I can sit there and I can feel that you are feeling somethin’. I can see that you are emotional. Why aren’t you taking this chance to at least express remorse?” she presses him.

“Maybe today you’re not ready to talk about the whole ugly story, but at least say you’re sorry.”

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Kam, who has remained mostly silent to this point, replies, “For what?”

“For what?” asks Terpsma, slamming her binder closed. “You’re an animal,” she says, before leaving the room.

Kam, left alone in the room, takes a drink of water then speaks to himself in Cantonese.

Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam testifies for second day at double murder trial
Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam testifies for second day at double murder trial

“This is f—ing crazy, I didn’t kill anyone,” he says. “How could I be sorry? I could only be sorry if I killed somebody. This is f—-king crazy.”

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At another point, Terpsma can be heard pressing Kam to confess while presenting him with evidence she describes as “overwhelming.”

That you planned this, you waited two weeks and then you, you did this whatever reason, I don’t know what you were doing in there. I don’t know if you intended it to go this gruesomely,” she said.

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“How did this happen? What happened to you?”

Kam can be seen scratching his face before replying, “I have nothing to say.”

Last week, Kam took the stand and admitted to the killings, describing the events in graphic detail.

Crown has presented physical evidence including blood on Kam’s glasses that a DNA expert said  belonged to Mah-Jones, as well as DNA the expert said belonged to Kam under Mah-Jones’ fingernails.

Defence argues double murder suspect Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam had mental disorder
Defence argues double murder suspect Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam had mental disorder

The court has also seen video of Kam buying a hatchet, baseball cap and gloves at a Canadian Tire.

Under cross examination, Kam told the court he bought the hatchet — which he previously testified to using during the killings — after seeing an axe-throwing scene on the TV show Modern Family.

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“When the police arrested you in November of 2017,  you knew that you had killed Mr. and Mrs. Jones, correct?” asked Crown prosecutor Daniel Mulligan.

Kam replied “Yes.”

Despite this admission on the stand Monday, Kam said he was still shocked when police showed him the Canadian Tire video of himself buying, in the police interrogator’s words, a “kill kit,” two weeks before the killings.

Kam: “I don’t think I killed Mr. and Mrs. Jones.”

Crown: “Well you did.”

Kam: “Like I said. I don’t think I killed Mr. and Mrs. Jones… I never feel any feelings, like I don’t sleep at night. I don’t feel guilt… or any happiness or sadness… I don’t know how to describe it.”

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Crown prosecutor Daniel Mulligan also suggested that Kam had prepared for the attack well in advance, doing internet searches for crime scene cleanup, tasers and drugs to knock people out.

Kam has denied that allegation, saying his searches were related to comic books he’d read.

Defence is building a case that Kam was obsessed with violent video games, and thought he was in one of those games while suffering from a mental disorder at the time of the murders.

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Defence has previously argued that during the interrogation, Kam had also slipped into a fantasy or game.

Crown has argued that the video is not relevant to the trial, as there was no evidence Kam was in an altered state of mind during the interrogation.

Crown says the evidence reveals Kam intended to kill someone.