Top 10 list from Sask. RCMP dispatchers includes 911 call for bug in toilet

A top 10 list of 911 calls that missed the mark in 2019 was released by Saskatchewan RCMP. JeepFoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Saskatchewan RCMP released their top 10 911 calls that missed the mark in 2019 via Twitter on Wednesday.

Here’s the list of phone calls received by the dispatchers with RCMP’s Divisional Operations Communications Centre:

  1. A caller wanted to know if it was illegal for someone with a pacemaker to use a hot tub.
  2. A curious caller wanted to know if they threw a potato at someone, would the vegetable then be considered a weapon.
  3. An upset caller wanted to know if throwing a pickle at someone could get them arrested.
  4. A caller reported their personal intimate device had been stolen, but the alleged thief had left the container that housed the device behind.
  5. A caller was having some trouble phoning their pharmacy and was wondering if the RCMP could pick up their order.
  6. Another upset caller wanted RCMP officers to remove a visitor from the house as the visitor had forgotten to lift the lid before using the toilet.
  7. A caller asked for officers’ help as their fiancé was in a bad mood and not helping with the upcoming wedding preparations.
  8. A person called for a tall officer because they couldn’t reach an item on the top shelf.
  9. A concerned caller found a bear cub and put it in their vehicle. The caller was unsure of what to do next.
  10. A caller was afraid to remove a large insect from their toilet and was wondering if the local RCMP could assist.

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As funny as some of these calls may be, RCMP are reminding the public that 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only.

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