Cooking dispute, late delivery driver ‘miss the mark’ for 911 calls: Sask. RCMP

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Saskatchewan RCMP are reminding people 911 is for emergencies only after releasing their top 10 calls from 2018 that “missed the mark.”

At the top of the list? A caller who thought two salamanders located in their yard might be endangered.

Other calls included a complaint of a fast food delivery taking too long, and a dispute over how long to cook perogies.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that 911 is for emergencies,” RCMP said in a Facebook post.

“In non-emergency situations, the public can call their local RCMP detachment or local police service. Happy 2019!”

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In previous years, police have cited callers for using 911 because they needed a cab, were looking for the phone number for SaskEnergy, or the furnace would not stop running.

Here is the Top 10 list for 2018 as posted by the Saskatchewan RCMP:

  1. Endangered species – Caller called 911 as they located two salamanders in their yard and thought they might be endangered.
  2. Everything is OK – Someone called 911 to make sure they didn’t do anything wrong and to wish the RCMP officers a Merry Christmas.
  3. What’s the delay – Caller called 911 as their fast food delivery order was taking longer than they thought it should.
  4. The chase is on – A concerned caller reported a donkey chasing some horses around in the field.
  5. Master chef – A dispute over how to cook perogies ended up with our caller calling RCMP for assistance.
  6. Mysterious caller – A caller was uncertain as to how a 911 call had been placed from his home. After some discussion, it was determined that it must have been his cat that did.
  7. Who let the dogs out – A call was received requesting RCMP attend a house as the dogs needed to go outside and the door was stuck.
  8. No turkey for you – Our 911 caller reported that her Thanksgiving turkey was stolen from her house.
  9. Unwanted master chef – This upset 911 caller was asking for RCMP assistance as their guest was cooking ribs in the oven.
  10. Park between the lines – Someone called 911 to report that a vehicle was parked taking up two handicap parking spaces.

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