Alleged abuse at dog grooming salon caught on tape

CALGARY- The Humane Society has been called in to investigate a case of alleged animal abuse, that was captured on video at a dog daycare.

Trina Riel, a former employee of Fur Kids, captured three videos with her cell phone. One shows a groomer hitting a dog with a brush, while another shows the groomer trying to chase a dog out of a kennel using a vacuum cleaner wand.

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“It’s absolutely disgusting,” Riel says. “These are people’s kids, for some of them.”

Riel was an apprentice to the groomer shown in the video, and worked at Fur Kids since December. She quit earlier this week, and says she went to the authorities with the video because she disagreed with the way animals were regularly mistreated.

“There were days when I would end up tearing up in the grooming room. I’d have to go outside and say I was going on a break, and I would just hide my face.”

Authorities say they’re encouraged when people report possible abuse.

“When it’s of a legitimate concern, I commend those that are willing to step up and report [abuse], take video, make a witness statement,” says Brad Nichols, manager of cruelty investigations for the Calgary Humane Society.

The owner of Fur Kids told Global News that the business will follow whatever guidance the Humane Society recommends.

UPDATE:  Dog groomer accused of animal abuse fired, investigation underway

WATCH: Cell phone video captures alleged abuse – WARNING: Disturbing content.

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