UPDATE: Dog groomer accused of animal abuse fired, investigation underway

Mariko Dormer was secretly videotaped by a co-worker at Fur Kids Daycare.
Marika Dormer was secretly videotaped by a co-worker at Fur Kids Daycare. Screenshot/Global News

CALGARY- The dog groomer at the centre of an animal abuse investigation has been fired.

A former employee of Fur Kids, a southwest dog day care, came forward with secretly-taped cell phone video on Thursday afternoon. One shows a woman hitting a dog with a brush, while another shows her trying to chase a dog out of a kennel using a vacuum cleaner wand.

The apprentice who taped the video said the abuse happened regularly, and has since quit her job.

The Calgary Humane Society is now investigating, and says they have been flooded with calls ever since the story broke.

“The number of calls we’ve received this morning has been overwhelming. Calgary and the public have been completely outraged by the video and this story,” says Christy Thompson, GM of community relations for the Calgary Humane Society.

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“For anybody who believes that their animal has been in contact with this particular groomer, please give us a phone call. Of course, the more evidence we have the better.”

The Humane Society is now compiling witness statements along with video, and following up with everyone who they believe is involved. That package will be sent to Crown prosecutors early next week.

Anyone who believes their pet came in contact with the groomer in question is asked to call 403-205-4455.

WATCH: Cell phone video captures alleged abuse. WARNING: Disturbing content.