Fake bills circulating in Central Okanagan

Kelowna RCMP are warning residents and business owners of an increase in counterfeit bills being passed around throughout the Central Okanagan.

Police said Thursday morning that since Dec. 1, 2019, there have been 44 documented incidents of numerous denominations of counterfeit Canadian and U.S. currency passed around in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Lake Country.

“Kelowna RCMP hope to prevent further incidents where these fake bills are accepted by unsuspecting retailers in our community,” Const. Solana Paré said.  “We recommend that business owners and operators review their policies and ensure that their employees familiarize themselves with the detection of counterfeit currency.”

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There are several investigations underway as police work to identify several people of interest in this latest spike of counterfeit cash.

Police issued several tips for people who suspect they may be the recipient of counterfeit bills, including:

• Explain to the person that gave you the note that you think the bill may be counterfeit and ask for another bill (the person may not be aware of the counterfeit note)
• Advise them that the suspected counterfeit bill should be given to local police for verification
• Record the details about the circumstances and person/(s) who gave the suspect note (time, context, descriptors of suspect of vehicle)
• Notify police of the attempt to pass a suspected counterfeit bill

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