Photo radar tickets voided after Edmonton peace officer who allegedly slept on the job is fired

Click to play video 'Peace officer allegedly caught sleeping while doing photo radar has been fired' Peace officer allegedly caught sleeping while doing photo radar has been fired
WATCH: A peace officer who was allegedly caught sleeping while doing photo radar has been fired. Sarah Ryan reports on what the City of Edmonton's investigation means for drivers – Jan 3, 2020

A peace officer in Edmonton has been fired from her job at around the same time an investigation found she was “failing to make adequate observations” while working in a photo radar truck.

The investigation was launched after a complaint was filed by Jack Shultz.

Shultz is known in Edmonton for his strong opposition to photo radar. He calls it a cash cow and does not believe sending speeding tickets in the mail increases safety on city streets.

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He got a tip from a supporter on Oct. 17, 2019, saying a photo radar operator was asleep behind the wheel in a school zone.

“[She] informed me that there was a photo radar operator that was in fact sleeping outside her school while she was supposed to be monitoring traffic.”
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Shultz drove over and parked across from the enforcement vehicle.

“I parked about 100-150 metres up, facing eastbound and with my binoculars I watched her for five minutes. There was absolutely no body movement. So I drove by her again, still nothing. So I parked behind her and then I started a video.”

In the video, he again observes the peace officer slumped against her arm for about a minute, before going up to the passenger window and knocking on the glass, clearly startling her.

“Just making sure you’re not having a medical condition, seems like you’re sleeping there m’am,” he says in the video.

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Later that day, Shultz reported his concerns to the city and sent them his video.

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“I mean, come on. You’re trying to convince us it’s about safety but here you are dozing off? It just doesn’t make sense and it really upsets me,” he said.

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More than two months later, Shultz got a letter from the city, outlining the results of its investigation into the incident.

It says the peace officer denied sleeping, saying her eyes were open but she “may have been zoned out.”

In the end, the peace officer was fired, but the city says it was for unrelated reasons.

“But the funny thing is, she was terminated the day the report was finished,” Shultz said.

In addition, all of the tickets she issued on Oct. 17, 2019 are now void, the city said. For Shultz, that’s a win.

“My goal now is, I want to do a FOIP request, get her number, get some information on how many tickets she actually gave out just from Oct. 17 when she was filmed sleeping up until the day of her termination because I honestly feel the people of Edmonton should be paid back.”

Global News did reach out to the city but a spokesperson said our questions would be answered on Monday.

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It’s unclear how drivers will be notified of the cancelled tickets and what happens if the fines have already been paid.

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