Brazen Langford flat screen TV heist captured on camera

Brazen thieves pilfer flatscreen TV from Langford store
It appears Boxing Week deals weren't good enough for these alleged thieves, captured on camera stealing a flat screen TV from a Langford Superstore on Tuesday.

It appears Boxing Week deals weren’t good enough for a pair of alleged thieves in Langford, B.C.

The pair were captured on camera hustling a flat screen television out of the Victoria suburb’s Superstore, and into a waiting SUV — before fleeing in a panic with the door still open and the TV hanging out.

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Shannon Burnside told Global News the duo actually pushed her out of the way as they scrambled out the store’s “in” door, and partially loaded the television into the vehicle.

She said the SUV then almost drove off without one of the men “who was literally caught with his pants down.”

In the video, one of the alleged thieves can be seen appearing to break his stride to pull his pants up as the SUV jerks to a stop for him to jump in.

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Management at the Superstore declined to comment. Global News has requested comment from the West Shore RCMP.

Burnside said staff at the store thanked her for shooting the video, and wondered where the security guard had been.