Regina Bypass maintenance workers prepare for Saskatchewan winter

The Regina Bypass Operations and Maintenance facility is located at 16 Industrial Dr. West in Emerald Park. Dave Parsons / Global News

Maintaining the Regina Bypass comes with its challenges, especially during a Saskatchewan winter.

Road conditions are always changing, meaning crews need to be ready for whatever gets thrown their way.

The Regina Bypass Operations and Maintenance facility. Dave Parsons / Global News

That’s why the Regina Bypass have their own maintenance facility.

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“We want people to go and drive our roads safely, get home safely and we want our operators to get home safely,” said Kevin Faul, operations manager.

Crews have access to nine plow trucks, a couple tractors and loaders and a “big” snowblower. Faul urges drivers to be aware of maintenance vehicles when they are on the road.

“Staying back from vehicles, from our snowplows, paying attention and being patient,” Faul said.

“When there is a possibility of icy conditions, just take your time and be safe.”

The facility has 10,000 square feet of office space, 13,500 square feet of shop space and 18,000 square feet of cold storage for sand and salt along with a calcium disposal area.

The Regina Bypass Operations and Maintenance facility. Dave Parsons / Global News

According to Faul, the bypass has 450 kilometres worth of road.

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Faul said they are always staffed and usually have seven people working at a time. Contractors will be called if needed.

For the latest conditions and warnings, download the SkyTracker weather app.

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