Regina council reconsiders bylaw negatively impacting portable sign industry

Regina council decided changes will be made to a zoning bylaw currently negatively impacting portable sign companies. File / Global News

Regina city council has decided to reconsider recent changes to a zoning bylaw regarding the use of portable signs.

Initial changes were made in August on where portable signs could be stationed and their proximity to other signs or billboards — consolidating all sign regulations into one bylaw.

The bylaw would mean portable signs would have to be at least 30 metres away from a permanent billboard — limiting advertising opportunities for small businesses.

Council is still moving forward with the bylaw, but city administration will come back with a report in 2020 looking at re-adjusting current regulations around portable signs.

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“Members of council and the majority agreed there’s a problem the sign bylaw — that portion — we want to do more consultation, but don’t want to hold up the bylaw,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere.

Despite what could be a lengthy wait, there is optimism in council’s decision.

“At the beginning, I thought it was the end of the journey, but it’s not. Obviously, there’s going to be a little more debate from administration,” said Doug Hudgin, Regina Portable Sign Association president.

“We were justified in our position… and justice was served.”

There is no timeline on when a report from administration will be completed.

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