New data shows ‘shocking’ number of vehicles impounded in B.C. for excessive speeding

New numbers show a staggering number of B.C. drivers are being ticketed for excessive speeding. Catherine Urquhart reports.

Despite tough new penalties that took effect in 2017, a stunning number of vehicles are being impounded in British Columbia for excessive speeding.

In 2018, 7,648 vehicles were impounded, about 21 a day.

“It’s shocking,” B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth told Global News. “It’s really surprising. When you think about it, excessive speeding, you’ve got to be going at least 40 kilometres over the speed limit, so you’re doing 90 in a 50 zone. In other words, you’re an idiot.”

In 2017, penalties for excessive speeding increased. A first offence results in a seven-day impound, a second offence brought a 30-day impound, and subsequent offences resulted in a 60-day impound. Fines and point were also increased. Even so, more than 7,000 vehicles have been impounded every year since 2016.

Vehicles impounded for excessive speeding

  • 2016: 8,422
  • 2017: 7,184
  • 2018: 7,648
  • 2019 (to Oct. 31): 7,261
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When asked about increasing penalties even further, Farnworth said:

“I’m certainly open to looking at the penalties that are in place, to looking at what additional measures government could be looking at, what’s taking place in other jurisdictions for example.”

Farnworth said he is also open to legislation that could allow for excessive speeders’ cars to be seized permanently.