Missouri woman rescues abandoned ‘unicorn’ puppy with forehead tail

Click to play video: 'So-called ‘unicorn puppy’ becomes viral sensation' So-called ‘unicorn puppy’ becomes viral sensation
An abandoned puppy taken in by a Missouri animal shelter has an extra special trait — a tail growing out of its forehead – Nov 15, 2019

An abandoned puppy taken in by a Missouri animal shelter has an extra special trait — a tail growing out of its forehead.

Mac’s Mission founder Rochelle Steffen found the 10-week-old puppy, aptly named Narwhal, in rural Missouri where she says they find many dogs left behind.

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Their shelter specializes in rescuing dogs with special needs, and Narwhal fit the bill.

“He had X-rays and a vet visit yesterday and is a perfectly healthy puppy, with an extra tail on his face,” Steffen told Global News. “He’s in no pain and plays for hours.”

Narwhal’s x-ray shows that his forehead tail has no bone structure, meaning it won’t need to be removed. Mac's Mission

A staff member of the organization shared a sweet photo of the puppy that has captured hearts online.

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“It’s me Narwhal!! I don’t understand what viral is but my foster mama said my story being viral helps all our special needs dogs here at the Mission,” the post reads. “You are welcome. I am super excited for being the poster child for ‘special is awesome.’ Sleep tight, k thanks, Narwhally.”

The post has since garnered more than 8,000 likes, 1,000 comments and 1,500 shares.

“Narhwal… look at you… blowing up the internet,” one person commented, while another gushed: “I need this puppy in my life!”

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The canine’s X-rays show that there’s no bone structure in the tail, meaning there’s likely no need to have it removed.

Mac’s Mission was founded by Steffen and her best friend when she rescued her pitbull, Mac, nearly eight years ago.

“Our rescue is predominantly (for dogs with) special needs of all kinds,” Steffen explained. “Our lifesaving efforts are strictly grassroots through social media, so this is majorly epic for so many new folks to find out about our little awesome rescue.”

Narwhal is currently being fostered before he finds his forever home, and is not yet listed for adoption on the shelter’s website.

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