Plans for Beiseker incinerator quashed by council

WATCH: At a meeting Tuesday night, Beiseker council voted unanimously to block a medical waste incinerator from being built in the village.

The fight against building a medical waste incinerator northeast of Calgary is over.

At a village meeting Tuesday night, Beiseker council voted unanimously against the controversial project by quashing a land-use bylaw that could have allowed construction of the incinerator.

Beiseker Mayor Warren Wise said the overwhelming opposition from the roughly 800 residents was unprecedented.

“There’s been a great uproar,” Wise said. “There’s been very little if any support for it, at least in the public, so we’re swayed by that.”

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When the decision was read at Tuesday’s council meeting, the dozens in attendance applauded.

Among those was Jennifer Ladrillo Green. She said she was happy with the vote to block the project.

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“This is exactly what we wanted,” Green said. “We knew that a unanimous decision was our best bet.”

Green helped organize a petition opposing the incinerator and said the majority of the village and surrounding area had concerns about potential health risks.

“We are worthy to live in a small town and enjoy small-town life,” Green added. “In the… healthiest, cleanest … way.”

GM Pearson was the company that bought the land and pitched the idea of the incinerator.

GM Pearson owner Joe Kress said the project would have brought 22 jobs to the village, but after Tuesday’s vote, he doesn’t see any way the project can move forward in Beiseker.

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“It’s done here. I respect the decision of council,” Kress said. “We’re happy they made their decision, but that’s it.”

Kress added that his company will continue to look for a suitable location for the incinerator.

“Incineration for medical waste deposals is essential so it has to go somewhere.”

Both Kress and Wise confirmed there is no appeals process available for the project.