Two separate security incidents cause scare at Howard S. Billings High School in Châteauguay

. Brayden Jagger Haines/Global News

Editors note: A previous version of this story erroneously stated the school was in a lockdown. Corrections were made to accurately reflect the situation. 

Howard S. Billings Regional High School in Châteauguay issued a press release on Thursday to reassure parents over concerns safety concerns at the school.

The school administration called in the police after learning that non-students could have been attempting to enter the school over an unidentified dispute. While at the school, police did find a student armed with a knife, but he was not believed connected to the threat from students of another school looking to settle a feud with a student from Howard S. Billings.

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In the press release, the school indicated it would be prepared for a lockdown — which disallows students to enter or leave the school for security reasons– if necessary.

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Vice-principal Mike Helms told Global News that “safety and security were taken care of” and that students and teachers attended class throughout the day. With police both inside and outside the building and “lots of extra supervision” , they were sure that there were no non- Howard S. Billings students in the building.

Châteauguay police told Global News security was increased at the school and an investigation is underway.

Châteauguay police also reported that a Billings student came to school armed with a knife and made people aware of his possession.

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It is unclear what the student aimed to do with the weapon, but police say the situation is under control.

In the message posted on the school’s website Principal Lynn Claude called on parents to speak to their children about their role in school safety by asking them to tell someone at the school if they ever see or hear of something suspicious or threatening.