Calgary meteorologist’s mystical unicorn Halloween costume becomes viral hit

Click to play video: 'Halloween 2019: Jordan Witzel dresses as a unicorn'
Halloween 2019: Jordan Witzel dresses as a unicorn
WATCH ABOVE: Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel dressed as a mystical unicorn named Ferdinand for Halloween 2019 – Oct 31, 2019

A tight white unicorn costume, complete with hoof-hands, has helped Global News meteorologist Jordan Witzel become a viral sensation.

Witzel debuted the body-hugging getup on Global News Morning Calgary on Halloween, declaring he was Ferdinand the Mystical Meteorologist for the day.

No one on set could stop laughing as he tried to report the weather in his magical ensemble.

“What are those shorts?” anchor Dallas Flexhaug asked through her laughter.

“What are you wearing, Witzel?” traffic anchor Leslie Horton asked.

“I’m a unicorn,” Witzel replied.

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Video of Witzel’s magical outfit on Global News’ YouTube channel quickly became a viral hit, climbing its way up the site’s trending section.

As of 8:30 a.m. MT Friday, the video had surpassed one-million YouTube views.

Meanwhile, video of Witzel’s Halloween costume debut uploaded to Global Calgary’s Facebook page has over 632,000 views.

Witzel said he pieced the costume together with items he purchased from different costume shops across the city.

“I had a vision in my head and spent a few days searching for things,” Witzel explained. “It was a pretty random idea that popped into my head after feeling stuck on some ideas that weren’t that good.

“I was inspired by a family friend’s daughter who was dressing as Rainbow Brite. She did the whole thing way better than I did.”

When asked how he felt about becoming a viral sensation, Witzel said he was just happy that the fun he and his fellow anchors have on the show can make people smile.

“Whether it’s a few people or millions of people, people need laughter,” he said.

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So will Witzel ever wear the costume again?

“You never know when you need a great dress-up outfit,” Witzel said.

Witzel’s outfit was even featured on the Nov. 3 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in the show’s annual look at “what happens when local news and Halloween collide.”

This year isn’t the first time that Witzel has surprised viewers (and staff) by donning humorous Halloween costumes.

Here’s a look back at some of his previous Halloween attire, including the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, which Witzel said was the costume he was “most proud of.”

Elliott from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

In 2016, Witzel paid homage to Steven Spielberg’s 1982 hit E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by dressing as Elliott with his pug Benson playing the role of E.T.

Click to play video: 'Halloween 2016: Jordan Witzel’s hilarious costume features his pet pug'
Halloween 2016: Jordan Witzel’s hilarious costume features his pet pug

The Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters

In 2015, Witzel paid homage to Ghostbusters by dressing as the Stay Puft marshmallow man – a fictional character featured in the franchise.

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Global Calgary’s Scott Fee (left) and Amber Schinkel (middle) discuss Halloween with Meteorologist Jordan Witzel on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015. Global News

He-Man from Masters of the Universe

In 2014, Witzel dressed as He-Man from Masters of the Universe, who has super-human strength.

Calgary meteorologist’s mystical unicorn Halloween costume becomes viral hit - image

Princess Leia from Star Wars

In 2013, Witzel dressed as Princess Leia Organa from the Star Wars franchise. Leia was one of the rebel alliance’s greatest leaders.

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Happy Halloween! Look at our lovely Jordan Witzel as Princess Leia! October 31.

Honourable mentions

Halloween isn’t the only time Witzel has worn a costume.

In July 2015, Witzel cut his jeans into Daisy Dukes during the Calgary Stampede.

Calgary meteorologist’s mystical unicorn Halloween costume becomes viral hit - image

In 2015, Witzel dressed up as an elf while learning how to be one of Santa’s helpers at Southcentre Mall.

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In 2015, Witzel wore tights and a tutu to rappel down the Sun Life building in downtown Calgary.

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