Family surprises patients at Saskatoon Cancer Centre with free parking

Family surprises patients at Saskatoon Cancer Centre with free parking
WATCH ABOVE: A battle with cancer is scary and the process for patients can be long and excruciating. One Saskatchewan family saw the opportunity to alleviate the burden a little bit.

When patients go to the Saskatoon Cancer Centre for treatment, finding a space to park or paying for parking can be an unexpected frustration. The Zulak family wanted to give patients one less thing to worry about and spent Friday paying for parking.

The family is personally connected to the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.

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Terry Zulak was diagnosed with melanoma in 1996. When he and his wife Lana would drive to the Cancer Centre from Wynard, Sask., they dreamed about paying it forward.

“We used to joke that if we won a lottery, we would come back and pay people’s parking,” Lana said.

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“We didn’t quite win the lottery because he passed away in December.”

Thursday would have been Terry’s 54th birthday.

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Terry’s family remembers him as someone who always gave back to the people in his life. He was strong and never gave up during his battle with cancer.

“He was always very proud of working hard, so his diagnosis became quite trying for him,” Lana said.

After treatments, patients usually just want to go home. Not paying for parking after treatment can make a tough day a little easier.

Patients were pleasantly surprised when the Zulaks met them at the parking meter.

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“The looks of surprise and the gratitude people are showing us over the paying of their parking has been very rewarding,” Lana said.

The Zulaks say Terry would have loved joining them in this act of kindness. It might be something they do again in the future.

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