Lachine residents complain of ‘Third World country’ road conditions

Click to play video: 'Lachine residents fed up with the state of local roads' Lachine residents fed up with the state of local roads
Drivers in Lachine claim road conditions in the area are unacceptable. As Global's Brayden Jagger Haines reports, residents say a permanent fix is urgently needed – Oct 9, 2019

Motorists in Montreal’s Lachine borough say driving on a section of 55th Avenue near Highway 20 has become unbearable.

“It’s like driving in a Third World country,” said driver Emidio Patulli.

“There are potholes — and I’m not talking two or three, I’m talking about in the neighbourhood of 30 — which keep getting repatched year after year, but it doesn’t work.”

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Patulli insists his repeated requests for authorities to remedy the situation have fallen on deaf ears. Borough officials told Global News they have fielded “hundreds” of complaints from drivers and residents.

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“I’ve been battling for the last two years. No results,” he said, adding that he’s submitted at least 14 complaints.

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“You don’t need [to go to] La Ronde. Drive down the road — it’s the bumpiest ride you’ll ever have.”

A renovation project had previously been proposed to start in early October — complete with new sidewalks, new signage and repaved streets — but it was delayed due to work on Highway 20 that used the 55th Avenue exit as a detour road.

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Lachine Mayor Maja Vodanovic explains that though 55th Avenue is the borough’s responsibility, the area that needs to be fixed belongs to the city because it goes under Highway 20.

“[The underpass] was the most urgent [area] to [fix]. With all the potholes, everyone has been talking to us about it. Ever since I got elected, I’ve been hearing about it,” she told Global News.
A tire sits by the road near 55th Avenue in Montreal’s Lachine borough. Brayden Jagger Haines/Global News

Patulli argues the situation keeps getting more dangerous.

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“In the wintertime, someone is going to get into an accident because people are dodging holes, switching lanes,” he said.

“I’m talking suspension, wheel alignment, people blowing tires — there’s a blown tire down the road.”

The city insists the delayed work is slated to begin before the end of the month and, weather permitting, should be completed before the end of 2019.

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