Much needed Saint-Leonard flood relief drowning in bureaucratic blame game

Click to play video: 'Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Montreal’s east end' Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Montreal’s east end
A massive downpour wreaked havoc in Montreal's east end. As Global's Brayden Jagger Haines reports, the much-needed relief from reoccurring flooding is drowning in a bureaucratic blame game – Oct 2, 2019

Heavy rains flooded De Belmont street on in Montreal’s East end borough of Saint-Leonard Tuesday night.

Fire crews were dispatched to bail out up to 50 homes in the area as water spilled into basements and garages during a torrential downpour.

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But that isn’t the first time it has happened. The street also flooded less than three months ago, in July.

“I’m in panic mode, I never know what to find, what surprise,” De Belmont resident Franca Bucaro said with several inch’s of water covering her basement floor.

Panic is now her reaction every time it rains, she said. Her home has flooded during both incidents.

Repairs on her home from the July event were nearly finished, she said. She was about to sign the insurance papers but will hold off as she suspects her home will need more work.

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The problem stems form the the city’s sewer system. Borough officials say one issue is that heavy rains cause the sewer to fill the reservoir too quickly.

The result is water overflowing back into the streets and into homes.

Bissonnet says the issue is a city problem, claiming the borough has done all it can do on the issue and its is up to the city’s water department to correct it.

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“We’re waiting for a meeting to hear the proposition to help the citizens,” Bissonnet said.

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In a meeting with residents In July, Bissonnet said he was going to speak with the city on the issue.

He says that meeting happened and they are trying to schedule another date to plot out possible solutions for the reoccurring flooding, however no date has been set.

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The city officials say they are aware of the situation and they will continue to have talks with the borough.

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In the meantime they are asking residents to do their part by installing preventative measures to stop flooding in the future.

That is little comfort to Bucaro, who said she doesn’t see the point since the problem will not stop until the city fixes the sewers.

“I’m at the end of my rope I have no more patience. I’m disappointed that no one cares about us.”

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