Manslaughter trial continues in Lethbridge for two men accused in death of Ken First Rider

WATCH: Rylan Twigg and Danny Scout are heading into their second month of trial proceedings. The pair are accused of causing the death of Ken First Rider. Quinn Campbell reports.

The trial for Rylan Twigg and Danny Scout continued Tuesday in Lethbridge court. The pair are both charged with manslaughter in the 2017 death of Ken First Rider.

The trial has been ongoing for about one month, and is scheduled to run a total of six weeks.

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This week Dr. Robert Sutherland, a witness called by Rylan Twigg’s lawyer Ingrid Hess, has been on the stand.

His testimony is part of a voir dire, which is a trial-within-a-trial to determine if the evidence can be used in the judge’s decision.

Twigg and Scout elected a judge-only trial.

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The defence and the Crown argued whether Sutherland should be classified as an expert during the voir dire on Monday and Tuesday.

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Sutherland is with the University of Lethbridge’s Behavioural Neuroscience Department.

Hess wanted him to address questions regarding Twigg’s cognitive abilities, as she has said it’s suspected that her client suffers from undiagnosed fetal alcohol spectrum disorder- or a similar cognitive issue.

Co-accused Scout is out on bail during the remainder of the trial, but Twigg remains in custody and has not had a bail hearing since his arrest.

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The trial is set to wrap up Oct. 11, but additional days have been set aside in January if it’s needed.