Election 2019: Last-minute voters’ guide

Winning the Canadian female vote – Part 1: Healthcare

Over the course of the 2019 election campaign, the five main party leaders have been crisscrossing the country and making a slew of pitches to voters in a bid to win their support on Oct. 21.

But not everyone has been laser-focused on the election campaign since the writ dropped on Sept. 11. Some Canadians may have just started paying attention to the race or haven’t yet come to a decision ahead of their trek to the polls.

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If you’re just tuning in, struggling to cut through the noise or feeling torn about how to cast your ballot, don’t panic. We have your quick-and-dirty breakdown of what the major parties are pitching.

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This isn’t a comprehensive look at every point in the platforms. For detailed tracking of those promises, check out our Promise Tracker page.

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