Despite more than a billion dollars, Montreal’s roads still falling apart

Montrealers can likely expect to be driving on bad roads – at least for the near future.

The city’s auditor general concludes that more money needs to be invested to smooth out the bumpy rides.

But that may not be enough.

A former construction boss, Gilles Théberge, testified that for years Montreal used sub-par asphalt to repair potholes and repave streets.

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The low grade product likely contributed to Montreal’s deteriorating roads.

Some executive committee members promise to take up the issue at the next meeting.

”We have to bring in some experts that are going to tell us this is the way to go,” Mary Deros said.

The city has spent more than one billion dollars in the last decade on road construction.

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But some residents complain the investments aren’t translating into desired results.

”This is one of the worst streets,” Montreal resident Chaya Hoffman said in describing Vendome Avenue.

And old street car rail tracks have been exposed on Ste-Catherine Street between Mansfield and McGill College Avenue for at least three years with no signs of the rails being removed or the street repaired.

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