What does ‘thrifting’ look like in 2019?

What does “Thrifting” look like in 2019?
WATCH ABOVE: Thrifting is expanding and thriving into mainstream culture thanks to the younger generation. Its more than great finds and remarkable prices-- it’s also about the economy and the environment. Susan Hay has the story.

When it comes to young shoppers, “thrifting” seems to be where it’s at these days – expanding and thriving in mainstream culture.

So what’s driving the “thrifting” trend?

“Affordability, that I can get clothes at a good price,” said Branding Expert, Tony Chapman. “You start seeing the Mercedes in the parking lot and what were they after? The Picasso in the attic.

“People look at thrift as a kind of signature identity.”

At Plato’s Closet, just one of many thrift stores in Toronto, franchise owner Duff Kovacs believes his customers are not only smart and trendy, they want to find value in their fashion.

“We will select from the items that you bring in what we want to buy,” Kovacs said. “The items that we don’t, based on style and condition, we will give back to you. We will offer you cash on the spot for the items that we want to buy.”

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Everything old to one person is new again and a great find for someone else.

“I think the stigma around used clothing has really changed and a lot of people who wouldn’t consider second-hand clothing before are realizing the huge cost savings,” explained Kovacs.

Thrift shopper, Skyla Duciaume agreed.

“With the prices going up so high everywhere, you can come to a thrift shop, like Plato’s Closet, and find something for $10 or $20 no matter what and that’s amazing,” Duciaume said. “You can’t find that anywhere else.”

“I would say our core demographic is 15- to 35-year-old females,” Kovacs said.

From one-of-a-kind clothing to remarkable deals, Chapman agrees the perks to thrift shopping are endless.

“It’s fantastic for the environment,” said Chapman. “These things aren’t going to the landfill, they’re not sitting collecting dust in the back of your closet, people are using them with flare, excitement and new energy.”

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