Calgary alleyway a ‘raceway’ for some speeders: neighbours

Speed limit sign posted at an alley in McKenzie Towne in Calgary . Global News

Some residents of a neighbourhood in McKenzie Towne have had enough of constant traffic — speeding down their paved alley.

“Continually we have cars coming down this alley,” retiree Del Saunders said. “It’s not a back alley, it’s more like a through street.”

It’s so busy at times, Saunders said it can take several minutes for him to back out of his own garage.

One of many cars neighbours say constantly use alleyway as a main street. Global News

But his biggest concern is safety, especially for the children who live next to the alley.

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“We have our kids that try to play road hockey back here. Their parents have been sworn at anytime we ask people to slow down.”

Neighbour Troy Franks has had to watch his kids closely, following some close calls.

“We’ve put pylons up,” Franks said. “There’s been multiple kids running around skateboarding or playing basketball, and we’ve had to come  down and try and chase these guys (drivers) away.”

“They’re just flying through here,” area resident Shauna McLeod said. “They don’t pay attention to the 15 kilometre an hour speed limit — nobody cares.”

Neighbours report some drivers have been clocked by police at speeds of 50-to-60 kilometres an hour.

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Calgary police weren’t able to confirm that to Global News, but city councillor Shane Keating said police have been to the alley and handed out tickets.

He also disputed claims he has done nothing to help, and added he cannot direct city administration to change things — he can only raise concerns.

“I can only do so much,” Keating said.

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Keating said the city has given residents speed signs to put up. He’s also offered them several other viable traffic-calming options, which he said they have not taken him up on.

“Please do a petition,” Keating said. “We can put up a gate with two-thirds of the residents who sign the petition. That has been sent to them at least twice — we’ve heard no response.”

Keating said unfortunately nothing can be done unless all of the proper procedures are followed.

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Saunders countered, saying residents have been told to do the petition but that was far as it went.

He also said the speed limit signs are put up, but then torn down by disgruntled drivers.

“People tell us to f-off,” he said. “They say it’s a public road and we can come through here.”

He told Global News he was prepared to get going on the petition, if that is what it takes to keep residents safe.

“It’s time to do something because it’s going to be serious, when it happens it’s going to be real serious. And it’s going to be a little child and they’re not going to survive.”


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