Prince estate to reissue ‘1999’ along with 35 previously unreleased songs

Prince performs during the halftime show at the Super Bowl XLI football game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Fla., in 2007. AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the Prince estate, in partnership with Warner Records, is planning to reissue one of the late musician’s most impactful albums, 1999 (1982).

The upcoming collection is set to drop this fall with several goodies for diehard Prince fans, including one DVD, a five-CD collection and a massive 10-LP vinyl set.

The DVD will contain a previously unreleased video of the rocker’s 1982 Live at The Summit performance in Houston, Texas, while the CDs and LPs will feature the 2019 remastering of the original 1999 album along with many other exclusives.

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From an abundance of B-sides and promotional mixes to in-studio and live concert performances, there will 35 previously unreleased recordings in total.

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An official press release about the reissue referred to a quote the late singer said to Rolling Stone in 1982 to promote the album.

He said: “I didn’t want to do a double album but I just kept writing. I always compare songwriting to a girl walking in the door. You don’t know what she’s going to look like, but all of a sudden, she’s there.”

Within 14 months, 1999 pumped out six hugely successful singles, including its self-titled track and Little Red Corvette. It was certified four-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

WATCH: The official ‘1999’ music video by Prince

Prince fans hungry for more might also be pleased to know that three of the musician’s mid-’90s albums — Chaos and Disorder, Emancipation and The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) — will be reissued in both CD and vinyl formats this Friday, Sept. 13.

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The releases were announced via Instagram and can be pre-ordered or pre-saved here.

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The remastered and expanded edition of 1999 will be released through Warner Music on Friday, Nov. 29.

Additional information and pre-orders can be found through the official Prince website.

Full 1999 reissue tracklist:

CD1/LP1-2 (original album with 2019 remastering):

1. 1999
2. Little Red Corvette
3. Delirious
4. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
5. D.M.S.R.
6. Automatic
7. Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)
8. Free
9. Lady Cab Driver
10. All the Critics Love U in New York
11. International Lover

CD2/LP3-4 (promo mixes and B-sides, 2019 remastering):

1. 1999 (seven-inch stereo edit)
2. 1999 (seven-inch mono promo-only edit)
3. Free (promo-only edit)
4. How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
5. Little Red Corvette (seven-inch edit)
6. All the Critics Love U in New York (seven-inch edit)
7. Lady Cab Driver (seven-inch edit)
8. Little Red Corvette (dance remix promo-only edit)
9. Little Red Corvette (special dance mix)
10. Delirious (seven-inch edit)
11. Horny Toad
12. Automatic (seven-inch edit)
13. Automatic (video version)
14. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (seven-inch edit)
15. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (seven-inch mono promo-only edit)
16. Irresistible B—-
17. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (video version)
18. D.M.S.R. (edit)

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CD3/LP5-6 (Vault tracks, Part 1, recorded between November 1981 and April 1982):

1. Feel U Up
2. Irresistible B—-
3. Money Don’t Grow on Trees
4. Vagina
5. Rearrange
6. Bold Generation
7. Colleen
8. International Lover (Take 1) [live in studio]
9. Turn It Up
10. You’re All I Want
11. Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)
12. If It’ll Make U Happy
13. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? (Take 2)

CD4/LP7-8 (Vault tracks, Part 2, recorded between April 1982 and January 1983):

1. Possessed (1982 version)
2. Delirious (full-length)
3. Purple Music
4. Yah, You Know
5. Moonbeam Levels (2019 remastering)
6. No Call U
7. Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got
8. Do Yourself a Favor
9. Don’t Let Him Fool Ya
10. Teacher, Teacher
11. Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Little Red Corvette (tour demo)

CD5/LP9-10 (Live In Detroit at Masonic Temple Theater, Masonic Hall, Nov. 30, 1982, previously unreleased):

1. Controversy
2. Let’s Work
3. Little Red Corvette
4. Do Me, Baby
5. Head
6. Uptown
7. Lisa’s Keyboard Interlude
8. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
9. Automatic
10. International Lover
11. 1999
12. D.M.S.R.

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DVD (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, Dec. 29, 1982, previously unreleased):

1. Controversy
2. Let’s Work
3. Do Me, Baby
4. D.M.S.R.
5. Keyboard Interlude
6. Piano Improvisation
7. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
8. Lady Cab Driver
9. Automatic
10. International Lover
11. 1999
12. Head

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