New Brunswick man turns wood pile into work of art

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New Brunswick man makes art out of firewood
ABOVE: This year Brian Golding, the artist, is hand-crafting a fishing boat. Shelley Steeves has more. – Sep 6, 2019

Brian Golding spent most of his childhood chopping wood as a chore, so one would think he would avoid it as an adult. But he now spends months turning his firewood pile into a work of art.

“I like doing jigsaw puzzles so this was really like a giant 3-D jigsaw puzzle,” said Golding.

Two years ago Golding said he started creating the sculptures just for fun. He’s made a fish and a tiger, and this year he’s hand-crafting a fishing boat like the one he used to work on in his younger days.

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“I actually question my own sanity doing it because it seems like a lot of spare time to put into something you are just going to tear down again,” joked Golding, which does seems a like shame given how much work has gone into creating it.

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Golding said each piece of wood has to fit like a perfectly formed puzzle piece so the structure will look authentic and won’t fall.

He said that it has taken more than three months, but he’s almost finishing the boat he’s aptly named “burning desire.”

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His home is located on a popular tourist route leading to Black’s Harbour. People driving by are often lured in by his creativity and stop in to check out his work.

“It’s incredible. I get to meet a lot of people from all over the world. Just in the last two weeks there was a fella here from Australia. I have had a guy from Germany and Britain,” said Golding.

“Probably at Halloween I will tear it down and we will put it in the garage and it will go up the chimney this winter.”


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