Swoop aircraft makes unscheduled stop in Regina due to reports of smoke

WATCH: A Swoop plane made an emergency landing at Regina's airport after reports of smoke.

Swoop Airlines was forced to land one of their planes in the Queen City on Wednesday night due to reports of smoke inside the aircraft, according to the Regina airport.

Its Boeing 737 was carrying passengers from London, Ont., bound for Edmonton before making the unscheduled stop at Regina International Airport at about 11:20 p.m.

Lauren Salfi was one of the passengers on the plane. She was travelling with her husband and their two-month-old baby.

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“We believe the reason for the emergency landing was someone smoking in the bathroom,” Salfi said.

“There was a report of the smell of smoke at the rear of the aircraft.”

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The airport’s on-site fire crew along with the Regina Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and the Regina Police Service were all called to the scene.

Airport authorities said all first responders left after learning it was a “non-incident.”

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Salfi said passengers waited until 6 a.m. until Swoop put them up in a hotel.

“It’s not ideal to spend the night at the airport. The most frustrating part was having to wait six hours to finally get a hotel room and be able to leave so we can get some sleep,” Salfi said.

Salfi said she had to pay for their taxies to the hotel, but would be reimbursed by Swoop. The airline is also reimbursing $30 per person for food.

Salfi said Swoop has rescheduled their flight for 9:30 p.m. Thursday night.