Canuck the Crow reported missing from Vancouver neighbourhood

Canuck the Crow hasn't been seen since Friday.
Canuck the Crow hasn't been seen since Friday. Global News

Canuck the Crow, the Vancouver bird known for his lack of fear of humans, has gone missing.

Shawn Bergman, who calls himself Canuck’s human friend, says the crow has not been seen since Friday, which is unusual for him. coverage of the Canuck the Crow

Bergman put out an emotional plea on social media asking for everyone to be on the lookout for his feathery friend.

“I want my buddy to come home, and if there is anybody out there who has taken him, please let him go,” he said.

“Please help me bring Canuck home safe.”

In July, Canuck became a federally protected bird and has been wearing a numbered band that identifies him as a wild bird and not a pet.

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Canuck has made headlines for riding the SkyTrain and working a charity gig at the PNE and is known to frequent various East Vancouver McDonald’s locations in search of snacks.

Perhaps his best-known caper involves disrupting a crime scene.

More recently, Canuck and his partner Cassiar have become parents — with chicks born earlier this spring.

— With files from Simon Little