Canada election: Gatineau

Riding boundaries for the electoral district of Gatineau 
Riding boundaries for the electoral district of Gatineau . Elections Canada

The riding of Gatineau mostly includes the city of the same name. Located north of the Ottawa River, across from Ottawa, it forms part of Canada’s National Capital Region. According to a 2016 census, there are over 275,000 people living in the district, an increase of 4.1 per cent over the course of five years. 

Summary: Incumbent Steve MacKinnon will be seeking a second term in the office.  He will be facing Geneviève Nadeau, daughter of former MP Richard Nadeau and the sister of the councilor Gatinoise Myriam Nadeau. 

History: Gatineau had been a Liberal stronghold, for thirteen elections. In 1984, the PCs got their first seat in the area after their nationwide landslide victory. In 2006, the Bloc won the seat with just 29 per cent of the vote. They remained in office for another election but the NDP won in 2011. 


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Liberal: Steve MacKinnon (Incumbent)

Conservative: Sylvie Goneau

NDP: Eric Chaurette

Bloc Québécois: Geneviève Nadeau

Green: Guy Dostaler

PPC: Mario-Roberto Lam

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