2019 Canada election results: Québec

Global News has declared Liberal incumbent Jean-Yves Duclos the winner in the Québec riding with 52.8 per cent of the vote.

The riding consists of the central part of the Quebec City, it includes the borough of La Cité and the southern part of Les Rivières.

Boundaries: The boundaries of this riding have changed to include part of what was formerly the Louis-Hébert riding. Covering the central portion of Quebec City, it includes the borough of La Cité, the southern portion of Les Rivières, and Nortre-Dame-des-Anges.

Last Election: Québec elected Duclos in the 2015 federal election with almost 29 per cent of the vote.

History: Christiane Gagnon held this seat for the Bloc Québécois from 1993 until her defeat in 2011. The last conservative to win here was PC Gilles Loiselle in 1988. A Liberal has not been elected here since Gilles Lamontagne in 1980.


Liberal: Jean-Yves Duclos (Incumbent)

Bloc Québécois: Christiane Gagnon

Green: Luc Joli-Coeur

NDP: Tommy Bureau

Conservative: Bianca Boutin

PPC: Gnouzaola Bruno Dabiré

Rhinoceros: Sébastien CoRhino

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