2019 Canada election results: Oakville North—Burlington

Global News has declared Pam Damoff the winner in the riding of Oakville North—Burlington

The win means Damoff will continue as the ridings MP for a second straight term.


Liberal: Pam Damoff (Incumbent)
Conservative: Sean Weir
NDP: Nicholas Dion
Green: Michael Houghton
People’s Party Of Canada: Gilbert Jubinville

Oakville elected Liberal MP Bonnie Brown from 1993 to 2008 before she was defeated by Conservative Terence Young. Prior to that, the riding was part of the larger Halton riding, which generally alternated between the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals through the years, with no party holding it for more than four elections at a time.

The Oakville North—Burlington riding has a population of around 114,378 and includes all of Oakville north of Upper Middle Road (excluding the Clearview neighbourhood) along with the Orchard neighbourhood in northeast Burlington.


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