2019 Canada election results: Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan

Global News has declared Garnett Genuis the winner of the riding.

This riding was created in 2015 and the area’s former MP, Tim Uppal, ran in a different riding, leading to Garnett Genuis being elected for the first time. He is running again as the riding’s incumbent.


Liberal: Ronald Thiering
CPC: Garnett Genuis (Incumbent)
NDP: Aidan Theroux
Green: Laura Sanderson
PPC: Darren Villetard


Formerly grouped with northeast Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park were split off in 2015 to create this new riding, and join a large rural area to the east of Edmonton. Other communities in this large riding include Cooking Lake and Josephburg.


Had this riding existed in 2011, the Conservatives would have earned 49 per cent of the vote. Independent candidate James Ford would have earned 28 per cent. This riding consists of parts of the former ridings of Edmonton-Sherwood Park and Vegreville-Wainwright. Both have elected only Conservatives since 2004.


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