2019 Canada election results: Montcalm

Global News has declared that Luc Thériault of the Bloc Québécois has been elected in Montcalm.

Montcalm is situated in the northeast region of Montreal. Since the re-creation of the district in 2003, only the Bloc Québécois or the NDP were in power.

Thériault was seeking re-election in the 2019 federal election and faced Liberal candidate Isabel Sayegh, Conservative Gisèle DesRoches, a HR consultant and Green party candidate Mathieu Goyette.

Boundaries: This riding is north of Montreal. It includes all of the RCM of Montcalm, and the city of Mascouche.

Last Election: Residents of Montcalm elected Luc Thériault from the Bloc Québécois in the 2015 federal election with 36.61 per cent of the vote.

History: Gaudet had held this seat for the BQ from it’s creation in 2004 until his defeat in 2011.


Bloc Québécois: Luc Thériault (Incumbent)
Liberal: Isabel Sayegh
Green: Mathieu Goyette
NDP: Julian Bonnello-Stauch
Conservative: Gisèle DesRoches
PPC: Hugo Clenin


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