2019 Canada election results: Orléans

Global News has declared Marie-France Lalonde of the Liberal Party as the winner in the riding of Orléans.


Liberals: Marie-France Lalonde
Conservatives: David Bertschi
NDP: Jacqueline Wiens
Green: Michelle Petersen
PPC: Roger Saint-Fleur

The riding includes most of the former city of Orléans and spans east to Frank Kenny Road and Tenth Line Road and south to Mitch Owens Road. The western border follows Ramsayville Road to Highway 417 and the northern border follows Highway 174 to the Ottawa River.

The riding was created in 1987 as Carleton Gloucester with the redistribution of the Nepean-Carleton and Ottawa-Carleton ridings. In 1996 it was renamed Carleton-Gloucester and in 200 it was changes to Ottawa-Orléans with a final name change to just Orléans in 2011.

The riding has voted Liberal mostly throughout its history though Royal Galipeau represented the riding for the Conservative party for nine years between 2006 and 2015 when he lost to Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie.


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