2019 Canada election results: Kenora

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story had erroneously declared NDP candidate Rudy Turtle as the winner in Kenora. Global News regrets this error.

Global News has declared Eric Melillo of the Conservative Party as the winner in the riding of Kenora.


Liberals: Bob Nault (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Eric Melillo
NDP: Rudy Turtle
Green: Kirsi Ralko
PPC: Michael Di Pasquale

The riding spans a large swath of northwestern Ontario due to the low population density. In the east the riding abuts the provincial border with Manitoba and reaches all the way north to Hudson’s Bay. The south east border follows the Albany river and the southwest border ends at the Lake of the Woods.

The riding is the largest by land mass but the smallest by population covering 321,741 sq km with only 42,548 eligible voters.

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The riding of Kenora was formed from the previous Kenora-Rainy River riding in 2004. Barring 2008 – 2015, when Greg Rickford, now a provincial MPP for the same riding held the seat for the Conservatives, the riding has been Liberal throughout its history.

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