2019 Canada election results: Chicoutimi—Le Fjord

Global News has declared Conservative Richard Martel re-elected in Chicoutimi—Le Fjord, formerly known as Chicoutimi.

Martel was first elected in a byelection held in June 2018. He obtained 52.76 per cent of the vote at that time.

In this election, he won by only 614 votes with the Bloc Québécois right behind him.

Martel was the very popular coach of the Sagueenens hockey team before entering politics. In all, he had worked professionally as a hockey coach for 18 years.


Chicoutimi—Le Fjord is located in the center of the city of Chicoutimi, Quebec. It lost some of its territory to Jonquière during the 2012 electoral redistribution including the area north of the Saguenay River.


Conservative: Richard Martel (Incumbent)

Liberal: Dajana Dautovic

NDP: Stéphane Girard

Bloc Québécois: Valérie Tremblay

Green: Lynda Youde

PPC: Jimmy Voyer


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