2019 Canada election results: Kingston and the Islands

Global News has declared Liberal incumbnetn Mark Gerretsent as the winner in Kingston and the Islands.

Kingston and the Islands has been represented by a Liberal MP since 1988.

Gerretsen has served one term as the area’s MP. He won in 2015 with over 50 per cent of the vote, with Conservative candidate Andy Brooke bringing in over 20 per cent.

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Brooke is once again in the race, but this year, he will be running for the new People’s Party of Canada.

Kingston and the Islands also has several first-time federal candidates running against Gerretsen this year — local businessman Ruslan Yakoviychuk representing the Conservatives, Queen’s professor Barrington Walker ran as the NDP candidate and local academic Candice Christmas represented the Green party.

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According to early polls, Walker came second to Gerretsen, while Yakoviychuk came in third.


Liberals: Mark Gerretsen (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Ruslan Yakoviychuk
NDP: Barrington Walker
Green: Candice Christmas
PPC: Andrew F. Brooke

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