Salthaven West issues plea for help as they rehab six great horned owls

Click to play video: 'A Healing Journey: helping wildlife at Salthaven West' A Healing Journey: helping wildlife at Salthaven West
WATCH: A Healing Journey: helping wildlife at Salthaven West – May 16, 2019

Regina’s Salthaven West is putting out a plea for help, as they’re in dire need of donations right now.

The non-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre is caring for several great horned owls among the other animals they rehab year-round as well.

It costs about $300 per week to feed and care for eight owls, which they started out with.

“We have a lot of raptors in care right now, about 17 in total, and we have eight great horned owls in care. Unfortunately after a surgery one did pass away. Thankfully we are releasing one of the owls tonight,” said Megan Lawrence, Salthaven’s director of rehabilitation.

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“We’ll have six in care, but we can expect more any day.”

It’s the only wildlife rehab centre in the city, and they rely on donations to continue caring for their patients.

“We receive no government funding at all, so all our donations come from the public, from private corporations. So we’re very thankful for those.”

Lawrence said the rehab centre can rehab an owl for up to nine months and raptors (birds of prey) are the most expensive animal they care for.

There are 1,000 birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians admitted each year.

The non-profit is a registered charity and can issue tax receipts for donations of $25 or more.

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