The benefits of getting kids in a back to school schedule

Click to play video 'The benefits of a back to school routine' The benefits of a back to school routine
Heading back to school can be stressful for kids. Having a good routine before September comes can be extremely beneficial. – Aug 9, 2019

Summer vacation is all about relaxing and enjoying the time away from school, but summer goes by fast and just like that it’s back to school. There is always mixed emotions from parents and kids when September rolls around.

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The ones effected by this change the most are children ages three to five who are venturing into a school setting for the first time, according to pediatrician Dr. Chiranjib Talukdar.  He adds September can bring on colds if their sleep patterns are not consistent.

“September is a time where one child meets another child and they bring a lot of colds. Also if the child has asthma the incidents of asthma increases by four folds,” Dr. Talukdar explains.

Another big factor in staying healthy during this transition is technology. Making sure the time spent on devices is monitored can help kids stay on track and remain focused.

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“There should not be any television in the child’s room, and all the electronic media should be shut off one hour before the child goes to bed,” he added.

Teachers are also expressing the importance of being prepared for a new school year, whether that be a sleep routine or just being able to talk about the anxiety of starting a new school year.

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Ashley Krefting is a learning support teacher and says “Making sure that you have a good positive open relationship with your children and if they have concerns or worries that you let them share their feelings, and just encourage them and listen to them when they need it,” learning support teacher Ashley Krefting says.

Setting your child up with a good routine to take on their first day of school is just as important as buying them pencils and a backpack.