Convicted killer Assmar Shlah granted bail pending appeal to Canada’s top court

Assmar Shlah. Global News

Convicted killer Assmar Shlah has been granted bail pending his appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Shlah is convicted of second-degree murder in the swarming death of Lukas Strasser-Hird.

Strasser-Hird, 18, was killed in the early morning hours of Nov. 23, 2013, when he was attacked by a group of people who beat, kicked and stabbed him in an alley behind a Vinyl nightclub in downtown Calgary.

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In a written decision granting Shlah bail, Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf stated she is “satisfied the public confidence in the administration of justice will be maintained.”

In 2016, a jury convicted Shlah and Franz Cabrera of second-degree murder in the case. A third man, Joch Pouk, was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

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Another man accused in the case, Nathan Gervais, fled the country right before the trial. He was arrested in Vietnam after nearly two years on the run and brought back to Canada to stand trial.

In May, Gervais was convicted of first-degree murder in the case. He has since filed an appeal to Alberta’s top court.

Both Cabrera and Shlah are scheduled to have their appeals heard by the SCC in mid-November.

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