Convicted killer Nathan Gervais asking Alberta’s top court to throw out guilty verdict

Nathan Paul GERVAIS
Nathan Paul Gervais. Courtesy: Calgary Police Service

One of the men found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 swarming death of a Calgary teen has filed a notice of appeal to the Court of Appeal of Alberta, attempting to have his conviction thrown out.

Nathan Gervais filed the appeal on June 7, according to court documents.

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He cited several grounds for appeal, including that the trial judge allegedly erred in law in interpreting and applying the test for circumstantial evidence, and for constructive first-degree murder. The defence also maintains the verdict is unreasonable and cannot be supported by evidence.

Gervais was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 8 and sentenced to life without parole for 25 years on May 24.

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On Nov. 23, 2013, Lukas Strasser-Hird, 18, was swarmed, kicked, beaten and stabbed to death outside Vinyl nightclub by a group of people.

Three other men were also convicted in the case.

Assmar Shlah and Franz Cabrera were found guilty of second-degree murder and Joch Pouk was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.