Temporary layoff weeks confirmed for CAMI Ingersoll; entire shift cut at Mexican plant

General Motors CAMI Assembly plant at Ingersoll, Ont.
General Motors CAMI Assembly plant at Ingersoll, Ont. The Canadian Press Images/Stephen C. Host

Unifor has confirmed temporary layoffs at the General Motors CAMI Ingersoll plant.

The union says the first layoff week is scheduled for the week of September 30 but the exact dates of other layoff weeks in the fourth quarter have not yet been confirmed.

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Plant chair for Unifor Local 88 Mike Van Boekel believes it’s just a bump in the road.

“It’ll be everybody in the plant other than our trades — they’ll keep working, just fixing stuff and preparing stuff,” he told 980 CFPL.

“It’s just for one week at a time, so it is bad that way — money’s always tight, people live on budgets — but hopefully it’s only two or three weeks and we just get going and keep going again in the new year.”

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Meanwhile, an entire shift will be permanently cut at a General Motors plant in Mexico that also builds the Chevy Equinox.

“They have been notified that they’re going to take a shift off of them permanently starting August 12. It’s not good news for us but it’s terrible news for them,” Van Boekel said.

“I think it’s quite remarkable with all the news going on with Mexico and everything else that they’re electing to take a shift off the Mexican plant instead of the CAMI plant.”

Two years ago, GM cut more than 600 jobs at the CAMI plant when it shifted production of the Terrain to Mexico.

The CAMI plant currently employs roughly 2,200 people, including 200 trades employees.