‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown gets engaged, then ends engagement in bizarre finale

Hannah Brown is seen outside 'Good Morning America' on July 31, 2019 in New York City  .
Hannah Brown is seen outside 'Good Morning America' on July 31, 2019 in New York City . Raymond Hall/GC Images

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched the Season 15 finale of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette promised a bizarre season finale that “nobody could have seen coming” ahead of Tuesday’s show.

Host Chris Harrison posted a photo of himself and Hannah Brown taken the day she handed out her final rose in Greece for the finale.

It’s only been about two months since that day in Greece but the host said “much has changed since this glorious day. You will hear it all explained and watch it all unfold live tonight #TheBachelorette.”

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During the two-night finale, Harrison said, “We will witness great love, incredible trust and, unfortunately, the massive destructive forces of lies and betrayal. We’ll also see a proposal that, in retrospect, can only be described as ‘cringe-worthy.'”

The finale came down to Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt.

(L-R): Tyler Cameron and Jedd Wyatt.
(L-R): Tyler Cameron and Jedd Wyatt.

Bachelorette star Brown, 24, interrupted the 26-year-old Cameron’s proposal and told him, “I love someone else.”

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The person Brown claimed to love was Wyatt, 25, who showcased his guitar skills during his proposal.

Many people on Twitter were not a fan of Wyatt’s guitar proposal.

Brown accepted Wyatt’s proposal but the excitement only lasted a few days.

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The Bachelorette fans were shown videos of Wyatt and Brown celebrating their love.

“He is so real with me and I am so real with him and that’s what I wanted from the very start,” Brown said in a voiceover.

After the selfies, videos and photos from their time after filming played onscreen, Brown confirmed that she’d learned of a People magazine story that claimed her fiancé left a girlfriend at home before heading to the reality dating show.

The outlet reported that in June, Wyatt came under fire after his ex-girlfriend, singer Haley Stevens, revealed that they were four months into their relationship when he left to compete on Brown’s season.

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Brown called off the engagement in a phone conversation but confronted Wyatt on camera for his wrongdoings.

“The engagement is over. We’re not together. That’s not what I said ‘yes’ to,” Brown said. “I know that I deserved more than that.”

Wyatt claimed Stevens was never his girlfriend and that whatever they had ended once he landed in Los Angeles to compete on the show.

“He told me [early on] that he had applied,” Stevens previously told People. “He said, ‘It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity. I’m only doing this for my music.’ He only did it for his career.”

“He wanted a platform,” Steven continued. “He kept telling me, ‘I don’t want my dad to have to help me pay rent anymore.’ He said he only wanted to be top five … to be a major player so that it would be beneficial.”

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During the finale, Wyatt told Brown he still loved her.

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“I just want you to know that I do love you,” he said. “I’m sorry that your feelings have changed due to my actions and you deserve the world and you deserve to be happy and I’ve always wanted that for you, whether it was me or someone else. I’ve told you this. I hate that it’s not me, but I hope that God bestows a super happy life for you and that you continue to be the amazing woman that I know you are, that your friends know you are and that America knows you are. And I’ll be there for you in any way that I can.”

He continued to apologize to Brown on After the Finale Rose.

“I never fathomed failing in love there and I never fathomed it being on the level that it was,” he said. “It’s something I never felt in my life, to actually be able to see myself with someone forever, forever. To be married, to have a family, to discuss that kind of thing, I never had that level of relationship and that came with you so naturally and, again, it’s another reason that I regret all of this so much, regret my decisions, and I wish it was different and I wish that I could change the past but I can’t. But my love for you, I don’t think it will ever leave me, it is just something that is there to stay.”

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During the finale, Brown revealed that she’s doing really well being on her own and “growing and really taking everything” she has learned.

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Cameron and Brown hadn’t seen each other again since she declined his proposal in Greece.

“I’m so excited to see her,” Cameron said. “I was looking forward to this day, actually. It was a tough breakup, and it was hard, but I have so much respect for you and I loved watching the season, how powerful and strong you’ve been.”

He also said he thought Brown was going to be “in good hands” with Wyatt and it’s been rough to see her go through the breakup.

“She is a fighter, one of the strongest people I have met. The world is hers. And I know that,” he said.

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In return, Brown said: “I know that with Tyler, he’s been so supportive and so respectful of me, not just on our journey together but even afterwards. Our relationship was real to me and special and everything I said, I meant and I felt and it didn’t just go away, and I still, like, have feelings.

“I’m really confident in who I am now and being on my own and growing and really taking everything I’ve learned and what I want in a next relationship, but I don’t know. I mean, I’ve always said I want somebody to be bold and I’m bold, and I make bold moves, and you’re an incredible guy and I’m a single girl… So? I just thought maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out.”

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Cameron responded by saying he would “love to.”

“Just tell me when, I’m there,” he said.

The audience began screaming and Brown shared that they just need to be normal people and hang out.

“Take it one day at a time,” Cameron added.

Harrison said he’d send a date card.

Bachelorette fans took to Twitter to celebrate Brown and Cameron’s reunion.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premieres Aug. 5.

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