Cyclist struck by commercial vehicle in south Ottawa: police

Ottawa police say a cyclist is recovering from his injuries after he was struck by a commercial vehicle Friday morning. Beatrice Britneff / Global News

Ottawa police say a cyclist sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries after a collision with a commercial vehicle at the intersection of Bank Street and Riverside Drive.

Initially, police reported that the cyclist, a man in his 40s, had sustained “life-threatening injuries,” but the man’s condition was later upgraded.

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According to paramedics, the collision occurred at around 7:40 a.m. Friday when the man was struck by the trailer of the vehicle.

He sustained injuries to his chest and head and was transported to Ottawa Hospital’s trauma centre.

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When it comes to vehicle and bike safety on the roads, the government of Ontario says on its website that there are three main things drivers should be prepared to do when coming to an intersection with a cyclist:

  • When turning right, signal and check your mirrors and the blind spot to your right to make sure you do not cut off a cyclist.
  • When turning left, you must stop and wait for oncoming bicycles to pass before turning.
  • When driving through an intersection, be careful to scan for cyclists waiting to turn left.

Police closed the area around Riverside Drive and Bank Street while their investigation was underway, but the area has since reopened.

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