Political dodgeball: Secrets of Senate expenses revealed

The Senate was in the spotlight again this week as reporters awaited the release of the highly-anticipated audit into housing expenses.

The release date was set for Thursday, but details were leaked earlier in the week and senators started facing questions before the report was tabled.

To be fair, parliamentarians are not allowed to reveal the details of such reports before they are tabled, but it doesn’t stop reporters from trying.

Here’s a look at the rabid lead-up to Thursday’s release as reporters tried to get the senators to talk.

By Thursday, Canadians finally learned just how much money three senators would have to repay into the public purse, with Conservative Senate leader Marjory LeBreton and Liberal Senate leader James Cowan fielding questions from reporters.

An audit by Deloitte into the housing allowances and expenses of Mike Duffy, Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau showed each senator erred in the amounts they claimed.

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Duffy repaid the $90,000 he owed before the audit was released, but the senate still has to collect almost $51,500 from Harb and nearly $49,000 from Brazeau.

Produced by Michael Haslett and Marc Doucette