‘Plant Guy’ gets his wish granted, gives Kawhi Leonard a ‘Kawhactus’ plant during Raptors parade

Click to play video: 'Raptors victory parade: Kawhi Leonard accepts plant from the crowd'
Raptors victory parade: Kawhi Leonard accepts plant from the crowd
Toronto Raptors' Kawhi Leonard accepted a plant from the crowd on Monday, just days after "Plant Guy" went viral during Thursday night's celebrations for saying he had a plant for Kawhi to stay – Jun 17, 2019

The man behind the viral fame of the “Kawhactus” got his wish granted Monday, when he passed Kawhi Leonard a plant from the crowd of the Raptors Parade.

After the Raptors’ performance in Game 6 won the team the NBA Championship title last week, hundreds of thousands of fans flooded the streets of Toronto, climbing onto transit vehicles, mounting street light posts, and on at least one occasion — uprooting a plant.

Click to play video: 'NBA Finals: Raptors’ fan “Plant Guy” has housewarming gift for Kawhi Leonard'
NBA Finals: Raptors’ fan “Plant Guy” has housewarming gift for Kawhi Leonard

WATCH: (June 13) Global News’ Mark Carcasole interviews Raptors fan dubbed “Plant Guy” carrying a plant that he wanted to give Kawhi Leonard as a housewarming gift.

“When you see him, tell him I have a housewarming gift for him, tell him I love him,” the straight-faced fan tells Global News reporter Mark Carcasole. Which prompts Carcasole to ask him, “What kind of plant is that?” In the now-viral video.

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“It’s a plant for Kawhi, it’s a Kawhi plant,” #PlantGuy slurs. “It’s a Kawhi cactus … a Kawhactus.” And with fern in hand — roots and soil dangling from the base — a viral sensation was born.

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On Monday, when millions of fans converged on downtown Toronto to celebrate the team with a parade, the “Kawhactus” (or “Kawactus” if you prefer) was delivered to its intended owner.

From its humble roots, the moment was picked up by major media outlets in Canada, the United States, and everywhere in between, with the hysterics of the interview extending as far as Drake’s Instagram account.

Given the instant-fame, Plant Guy, whose real name is Kyle, got his wish granted at Monday’s Raptors Parade, and was captured on video giving Leonard a plant.

Carcasole recently caught up with the 15-minute celebrity ahead of the parade near some still-rooted shrubs, to get to know the man behind the plant.

“You should see how many plants I grow, Mark, just so I can rip them out in celebration. I got to rip ’em out every time Serge makes a dunk,” the Okanagan, B.C. resident, who didn’t want his last name used, said.

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Click to play video: '‘Plant Guy’ catches up with Global News reporter after video goes viral'
‘Plant Guy’ catches up with Global News reporter after video goes viral

WATCH: Global News reporter Mark Carcasole caught up with the now-viral sensation known as “Plant Guy.”

In between being asked to pose for photos with fans, Plant Guy confesses that the fame is overwhelming, and he has to sit down everyone in a while.

And while we are not sure if any more plants will meet their fate the same way, we are certain that the iconic plant moment will be forever synonymous with the Raptors’ win.

“Plant Guy” and Global News reporter Mark Carcasole. Laura Whelan photo illustration/Global News

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