AHS ‘wellness tip of the day’ now available on command through smart home devices

AHS is now offering Albertans with devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home the opportunity to hear a health tip of the day. AP Photo/Mike Stewart

Alberta Health Services is offering a new service that will allow users of device like Google Home and Alexa to receive a daily health tip.

By installing the skill and saying “Alexa, ask Alberta Health Services for the wellness tip of the day,” users can receive information on topics such as nutrition, exercise, sleep health, weight management, injury prevention, and stress management, AHS said in a release. The tip can also be received through the Alexa Flash Briefing.

Users of Google Home and Google Assistant can get the same information by saying, “Hey Google, ask Alberta Health Services for the wellness tip of the day.”

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Last year, AHS became the first Canadian public healthcare organization to offer information related to healthcare via smart home products. Since then, users can access information like real-time estimated wait times in AHS emergency departments, daily AHS news and, in the fall and winter, influenza immunization clinic information.

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AHS said these services will continue to be expanded on to give Albertans “more convenient access to the information they need to better manage and maintain their health.”

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