City of Guelph seeking partners for Raptors viewing parties

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Thousands of Raptors fans came out to Mississauga's celebration square to watch the game, Thursday night. Dubbed “Jurassic Park West” it was one of 27 locations across Canada given a license to live stream the game. Jamie Mauracher has more.

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie says the city wants to throw a Toronto Raptors viewing party for the NBA Finals like many other cities across Canada are doing.

But there’s an issue when it comes to logistics and equipment.

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In a video posted online, Guthrie said those cities throwing the parties already have gathering areas that have big screens and speakers, and Guelph does not.

He also said city staff did not budget for this.

“The city cannot be playing all of the games in the downtown core because of the cost and the fact that we don’t have that equipment,” Guthrie said, noting they usually have to rent the equipment for events like public movie screenings.

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But it’s not a lost cause because Guthrie said staff are looking for anyone or any business that would be willing to sponsor viewing parties for games 4 through 7.

“We would love to talk to you because we are willing to partner with somebody to make it happen,” the mayor said.

“We want to make it happen but we also want to be fiscally responsible.”

Anyone who is interested is asked to contact the mayor’s office.

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In the meantime, Guelph residents can watch the NBA Finals at one of its many bars or restaurants.

Cineplex on Woodlawn Road is also showing the games for free.